Candy Cane Spider

My husband and I received a Christmas Spider Ornament from a dear friend several years ago.  We fell in love with it!  After breaking down the pattern and making some changes we decided to share them with others.  They are given to our children’s teachers as a Christmas gift each year.  We have been requested to sell them and have done so upon request.  They make a nice addition to any tree.  Thank you Jennifer for your recent order of 2 red spiders with Candy Cane legs, we hope the recipient enjoys them for years to come.  Merry Christmas!


Ornaments, Ornaments, Ornaments…

Thank you to everyone who has placed orders this holiday season! 

Only 8 days remain until Christmas, the Holiday parties have begun and I am steadily working away to get everything complete.  It is my goal to make gifts for friends and loved ones for Christmas.  They typically mean a little more to the receiver and they save my pocketbook.  As most of you know I am the Co-Leader to my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.  With 16 Daisy’s and a minimal budget making Snowflake Ornaments seemed like the perfect idea.  A simple design made of plastic canvas and white yarn laced with an iridescent strand.  As we all know, no two Snowflakes are the same and neither are any of our girls.  It is my hope that they get it is something they keep for years to come and are able to reflect back on the many memories they have made with their friends during our Troop meetings and activities.  A very Merry Christmas to each and every one of them, and to you!

Toddler Earflap Hats for Christmas

A friend was interested in two Earflap hats for her nephews who were 1 year old; one in blue and one in green.  Thank you for the order, Rachel!  I hope the boys get lots of use out of them this cold winter season.

The Countdown Begins

With only 11 days remaining until Christmas it has been a chaotic week shopping, wrapping presents, and crafting.  I am extremely THANKFUL to all of you who have recently placed orders for hats and spiders.  I hope that you all enjoy the items you have purchased whether they are for yourself or a loved one this Holiday Season. 

Thank you Ashley!  It is my hope that these blue Spider Ornaments put the final touch on your mantel decoration this Christmas.

A Mother/Daughter matching set of brown hats with cream flowers.  Thank you Kim for your order, I’m sure these will look lovely on you and your daughter. 

An earflap hat for a Preschooler; this could be for a boy or girl.  A friend asked for an earflap hat for Christmas for her 1 year old nephews.  The demo was too big for the toddler age, but fit my preschooler just right.  A cute hat that will keep any little ones ears nice and warm.  Thank you for the request Rachel! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Adult Flower Hats

Another teacher at my daughter’s school asked for flower hats in adult sizes; one for herself and the other for her sister.  Hope your sister enjoys her Christmas gift!  Thank you for your order!  Merry Christmas early :O)

Christmas Hat Order…Thank You Ms. Kim!

As Thanksgiving week comes to an end and I resume my full-time job, I would like to say Thank You to Ms. Kim for ordering 2 flower hats for her granddaughters.  These will be a Christmas gift this year for her beautiful girls! 

Hope they like them and Thank You for the order! 

Merry Christmas early!

A Flower Hat for Madison

After recently discovering Caron Simply Soft yarn and having a week away from the office, I decided to experiment.  The Simply Soft yard is soft, but has a shine to the yarn that is extremely attractive for hats and scarves.  I’ve seen a lot of hats online that have flowers on them, seems to be the “in” thing now.  I made a simple beanie of double crochets and then attached a rosette to the side of the hat.  I was quite impressed with the end result.  Here are pictures to share: